Buying Guide For An Efficient Welding Helmet

Month: December 2017

Buying Guide For An Efficient Welding Helmet

Working in high risk environment requires proper safety gear to protect the worker from any accidental injury. Especially in industrial and construction projects, there are safety norm and statutory laws which should be strictly adhered. There are periodic safety audits done to ensure compliance and safe working environment. Helmets are a mandatory requirement for all industrial and construction sites. The designing of the helmets is done according to specific job requirements. Welding operations are carried out extensively in the fabrication of equipment and structures. To know in details about specifications and hazards related to the welding operation, please visit Depending upon the work profile the exposure to risk varies and so does the necessity of safety gadgets. Refer to the federal norms related to the same in

Few things to be kept in mind while selecting a welding helmet include getting a clear view of the welding surface and joints. Precise identification of arc is essential for immaculate wielding. Protection of eyes from sparks and fillings release during the process is necessary because it can adversely affect the eyesight and may also cause permanent damage to the eyes. The best option is the auto darkening lenses fitted helmets meeting specified international standards. Selection of an appropriate helmet depends on the level of sensitivity required for the job. Usually, lenses with rating 1A is an ideal choice.
Other health hazards include respiratory obstructions due to realizing of toxic fumes. Hence the helmets should be equipped with suitable masks preventing ingress of poisonous gases. The most common injury caused is the burning complications. The helmets need to be strong and fire resistant to save your sensitive face and hair from damage.

In areas with inadequate illumination, welding helmets require attached lighting source preferably solar sourced. The benefit with solar powered masks is that you don’t have to worry about changing the battery or electric charging.
The color of the helmet should be prominently visible from a distance. In certain industrial setups, a unique color code is given to the helmets depending upon the nature and area of operations. The material used for the masks should not only be strong but also lightweight and durable. Since in such vital jobs like wielding you need high concentration level, your helmet should be comfortable. Therefore, nowadays with the advancement of technology materials are being developed in this regard. The material used have all inherent properties like strength, fire resistance, temperature sensitive, lesser weight and adjustable.
To prevent any fatal accidents and complications, government world over has established specific certifying standards which all manufacturers have to abide by. There are instructions issued with these helmets, which every buyer should strictly follow. To ensure the safety levels, it is mandatory to procure helmets only from certified sources.
The look and cost should be the last consideration. One should not comprise of safety features just to cut down on cost. These small mistakes may cause more significant collateral damages at a later date. As an employer, it is your statutory and moral responsibility to safeguard the health and interest of your employees. Therefore, carefully select the best and safest welding helmet available on the market.

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Everything You Need To Know About OTA


Are you familiar with the concept of OTA? These are over the air antennas that are present in many houses. It is used to send and receive over the air signals from different broadcasting channels. These are easy to install and use, however you need some inbuilt TV features to make this process work. Click here to read more about this product. According to these were far more common in the past years, but they find their use even till date. They do not look any fancy but are of great help all the time.

A TV must have a tuner built in or an external tuner to facilitate the connection between antenna and the TV. Tuner is like a medium and is a must have, without which the OTA and TV connection won’t be able to happen. The antennas for digital and high definition pictures are not different from each other. An antenna that receives analog signals can also receive digital signals. Hence, stop getting confused whether to buy a digital or HD antenna. Before buying a new antenna give a good amount of try for using it as a HD antenna. There is a possibility that your old antenna is not able to function properly anymore.

Under this condition you will have to buy one with amplification as it helps the antenna receive better signal. Amplified antennas are designed to receive even a weak signal. It then amplifies the signal to get proper quality in the TV. It can be a lot more helpful in the rural or side areas where the signals are weaker. In cases where there are a lot of break ups in between the antenna and the TV, an amplification antenna might be needed. Proper antenna selection is very important for getting a signal of good strength.

There are both types of antenna, indoor and outdoor. A roof top antenna model is costlier than the indoor one. It totally depends on what strength of signal is available in your place, as to what you start using. A recent study showed that only the distance of the transmitting station is not important, but also the signal condition. It needs a very accurate characterization. Selecting an antenna becomes a technical stuff as you need to qualify the type of signal available and what you want. Other classification is UHF and VHF signal type for the antenna.

There are antennas that track both types of signals; some do only UHF or VHF. These are similar kind of signals like AM and FM with respect to radio. Choosing an antenna therefore depends on your needs. Understand your need properly before you buy any antenna. It is not that big of a costly affair, but can impact your TV time to a great extent. Hence, do a proper study before hand to avoid any hassle later on. It provides you access to programs on TV even if the local cable or satellite reception goes off. It is a great item to have at home, get it today and enjoy uninterrupted access to TV programs.

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