How To Fix Your Garage Door?


How To Fix Your Garage Door?

Fixing Garage Door

Garage door service professionals come across different scenarios on a daily basis. Although most of the issues with the garage doors are common, there are few exceptions that continue to surprise them. To handle these issues, none other than professionals are the best bet. Many times, customer Fix A Door on their own. has listed some of the common reasons why garage doors fail and how to fix them. Here is a simple guide for you on the basic garage door fails and the fixes.

Check The Transmitter Batteries
The transmitter garage doors are fitted with a transmitter. These transmitters need batteries to work. If your garage door transmitter batteries are down, the chances are that the door might not work. In case you have more than one transmitter for your garage door, it will be a good idea to check all of them. It is a very simple process where you slide open the back of the transmitter and then see where the batteries are. Ensure that you insert new batteries correctly and then test the door.

Photo Eye Alignment
Most of the garage doors have a photo eye that prevents doors from closing on someone or causing damage to property. This safety measure is an important part of the garage door installation. The photo eyes that are placed on either side of the garage entrance transmit invisible beam between each other, This helps in detecting if anything is there in the path of the door as it is closing. Over a period, the photo eye can become very dirty blocking the beam which can stop the door from closing. Check if your photo eye is clear and ensure that you do not damage the photo eye while cleaning it.

Garage Door Track
In case the garage door track is not aligned, it could be a major problem. If there is any gap between the rollers and the trail, or you notice that the rails are bent the door might not close properly. In this case, it could be a dangerous task to attempt closing the door. Therefore, realigning the track is very important. In order to do this, you need to loosen the screw on the track and then get it fixed. You can certainly seek help from a professional if you are not sure about getting this fixed on your own. Professionals can get the new garage door installed for you if the track is beyond repair.

Blocks In The Door’s Pathway
Garage doors are specifically designed with a reversing feature called photo eye which stops the garage door from hitting the objects and damaging them. Even if there are small items such as toys that block the photo eye radiation, chances are that your garage door might not close properly. Even if small particles such as mud or stones are present, the garage door will reverse back upwards to avoid crushing that object. Clean the door track frequently so that it remains dust free.

Most garage door fixes can be fixed by the customer on their own. However, if you are not aware of the process behind it, you could always seek professional help from the garage door repair companies.

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