To Fund-Raise Or To Friend-Raise, That Is The Question

To Fund-Raise Or To Friend-Raise, That Is The Question

Charity events, fundraising events are sometimes not just simple parties meant to collect money for a non-profit organization. Some get-togethers and events are supposed to create connections. Powerful, influential connections like Melbourne’s tran siu. These associations generate good-will and word of mouth, both of which make it simple to raise money in the future. As a recent article on states, planning is the only way to raise money successfully. So, instead of thinking of a single event to create funds, think of all future occasions too. An event that costs money today will reap you funds tomorrow. Let us check out some tips on raising funds:

How does this logical stand? The answer is what people tend to call ‘friend-raising.’ Such an affair invites the more influential people of the community to:
• Become more visible to the society
• Creating awareness that leads to more goodwill
• Identify individuals who may act as future volunteers
• Ultimately make it easy to bring funds in
Some events may also be planned for just the simple reason of celebrating the accomplishments of the organization and its employees. But, most events are about gaining financial support. When celebrities and A-listers attend a benefit even, they create publicity and hype around it. People will talk about the event, where the crème-de-la-crème of the society hob-Nob. For an organization which faces lack of public interest, this could be a life savior. Friend-raising creates a renewed interest. Following up on this attention and energy can generate a huge amount of wealth for the non-profit organization.

A follow-up after a friend-raising event is crucial for any organization; else the opportunity to rake in more capital will be lost. Friend-raising events are not all about building new avenues for revenue. They are also about bringing new supporters of your mission. It is about reinforcing existing relationships. It is about showing present followers to the good work the non-profit organizations have been doing. The entire goal of a friend-raising event has a 360-degree effect. But, it is understandable that not all nonprofits can expend the energy on such events.
For organizations whose singular purpose to create financial support, a fund-raising occasion would be the best option. Blindly diving in an event is not a good strategy. Before planning a benefit, event ask a few questions. Does the firm have an annual fund? Is it soliciting foundations, institutes, individuals or corporations? Is it taking maximum advantage of the giving potential of such sources? Has the non-profit tapped into the resources provided by the local, state and national government?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding no, then a fundraising benefit is not the correct strategy. The firm will save more money by putting all its energy into building this donor base. A donor base is vital. Only once all these resources have been tapped to their fullest potential, should the staff think of considering a benefit event. This is because only a successful event is one that will bring in funds.

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